The wait to see your doctor is over.

Telemedicine lets doctors catch up with technology and bring a new level to patient comfort.

The wait is over!

Telemedicine allows exceptional doctors like David Abrams to deliver medical care wherever you are. Through a HIPAA-secure video conference, Dr. Abrams and his patients can see each other, discuss their health, wellness and medical issues to achieve better health.

Want more face-time?

Look into the web cam of your computer or mobile device. Establish a direct and secure connection with your doctor — on your schedule at your home, office or wherever you are.

HIPAA Compliant Security

With that kind of security, you can send him photos, videos, and documents for review that can be included in your electronic health record maintained for all of his patients.

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Any Device

Connect with any device, at home or on the road.

Stop and Chat

Have a chat about your overall health and wellness, let Dr. Abrams do checkups.


  • Working parents with no time to wait at the doctor’s office.
  • Young professionals tied to their desk and computer with no time to leave, travel and wait for the doctor to see them.
  • Employers looking for a recruitment and retention benefit program. Great for wellness.
  • Road Warriors with health issues that need attention when away from home.


  • At your home, office or when traveling
  • On vacation, at work or away at school
  • The visit comes to you through your Smart Phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer


  • Resolve question about your health and wellness.
  • Find solution quickly via a secure video conference, text message or email
  • Access your electronic medical records and upload your health or fitness data 24/7
It’s secure. It’s HIPAA compliant. It’s technologically advanced. And highly personal. Telemedicine brings you closer to your doctor and brings you closer to good health.

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